It's Plant-Based.

CREAM’s two new plant-based flavors are meant for everyone, intended to be so delicious, consumers won’t believe they are dairy-free. We are thrilled to partner with Eclipse Foods to expand the CREAM menu to include two delectable plant-based options for all to enjoy, by using Eclipse’s vanilla and chocolate ice cream bases to create flavors available only at CREAM.

“It’s no secret that there is a growing movement away from dairy and meat products and towards more plant-based alternatives. With our 10th anniversary this year, we wanted to be sure we’re staying current with our menu and continue to appeal to a wide range of our customers”, says Gus Shamieh, President of CREAM.


Cream x Eclipse

Chocolate Cookie*

Plant-based chocolate
Base and chocolate sandwich cookies*
with a sweet filling

*Double Chocolate Cookie product does not contain milk but does contain a small quantity of the milk component called whey.

View Product Ingredients for Plant-based Double Chocolate Cookies Ice Cream

Cookie Crumble

Plant-based Vanilla base with
Dairy free spiced cookies

View Product Ingredients for Plant-based Spiced Cookie Crumble Ice Cream

It Can’t Be…

Eclipse’s blend of corn, oats, potatoes, and cassava replicates milk on a molecular level, creating a true dairy replacement that tastes, feels, and functions just like conventional dairy.