Jimmy and Gus Shamieh and family opened the first CREAM location in Berkeley, California in 2010. It began as a family endeavor that was rooted in the Shamieh children's childhood experience. Mrs. Shamieh would often bake cookies and the Shamieh kids would experiment with what to put between the cookies peanut butter, marshmallows, chocolate bars, and of course, ice CREAM. Ice CREAM between two homemade freshly baked and warm cookies became an instant hit with the children and their friends. With the help of the children as tastetesters, Mrs. Shamieh soon developed a recipe for ice CREAM that she would make at home. As part of a family tradition, these ice cream sandwiches would be the dessert for many family dinners and soon became a treat that was high in demand. In 2010 the Shamieh family decided to take this family tradition and turn it into a treat for the greater public. The goal was not just to sell ice cream sandwiches, but rather to create an experience. An experience that would bring every person who walks through the doors of CREAM into what the Shamieh family has enjoyed for many years.

CREAM is proud to say that Mrs. Shamieh's ice cream recipes have served as the foundation for producing CREAM's own proprietary recipes of ice CREAM. Yes, that's right, CREAM's cookies come from Mrs. Shamieh’s secret cookie recipe and CREAM's ice cream is a special proprietary mix has been developed over the years.

CREAM serves as an opportunity for every
person to dig into their inner child and enjoy
a simple yet delicious and comforting treat.
The Shamieh family operates their business
on 4 principles. The first principle was
premium products. Top notch sandwiches
made with superior ingredients. The second
was to keep our product affordable, thus
shattering the old business rule of high quality equals high prices. Third, the Shamieh family wanted every consumer to leave delighted not only with the product, but with the service. CREAM Team members treat every customer with unconditional respect and gratitude. The fourth and final principle the family cemented into the business model is the atmosphere.

The Shamieh family wanted to have a very relaxed and fun environment. Don't be surprised if on your visit to CREAM you may encounter some of the team members joyously singing and dancing to the music played on the sound system. The CREAM family takes pride in letting everyone know that all the cookies are made from scratch! The cookies are homemade from the Shamieh family's special recipe. Baked to perfection would be an understatement, you just have to taste it to believe it! .